Complete allergen information

> Fruit
Bananas (Pack of 4) none
Clementines (Pack of 6) none
Conference Pears (Pack of 4) none
Orange Large x1 none
Blueberries (Punnet) none
Strawberries (Punnet) none
Raspberries (Punnet) none
Kiwi (Pack of 4) none
Mango x1 none
Green smooth skin Avocado x 1 none
Aubergine x 1 none
>> Apples
>>> Red Apples
Pack of 4 (Red Apples) none
Single Red Apple none
>>> Green Apples
Pack of 4 Green Apples none
Single Green Apple none
>> Grapes 250g
Red Grapes none
Green Grapes none
>> Citrus
Lemon x1 none
Lime x1 none
> Vegetable
Cauliflower x1 none
Courgettes x1 none
Parsnips x2 none
Carrots 500g none
Beetroot (Bunch) none
Leek x1 none
Garlic Bulb none
Spinach x1 Bag none
Organic Butternut Squash none
Candy Beetroot x 2 none
Asparagus Bunch none
Fennel x 1 none
Fresh Ginger 100g none
>> Cabbage
Sweetheart Cabbage none
Savoy Cabbage none
>> Potatoes
Maris Piper Potato 1k none
Baby Potatoes 500g none
Baking Potato x1 none
>> Onions 600g
Brown Onions (600g) none
Red Onions (600g) none
>> Mushroom
Mushrooms Cut 250g none
Mushrooms Flat 200g none
Portabello Mushrooms 200g none
>> Peppers Large
Red Peper x1 none
Yellow Peper x1 none
Green Peper x1 none
>> Tomatoes
Vine Tomatoes none
Cherry Tomatoes 300g none
> Herb
>> Fresh 50g
Basil none
Thyme none
Sage none
Chives none
Rosemary none
Dill none
Parsely none
Coriander none
>> Dried
Mixed Herbs 15g x1 Pot none
Ground Cinnamon 36g none
> Salad
Spring Onions none
Celery contains Celery
Cucumber x1 none
>> Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce x1 none
Organic x1 none
> Dairy, Eggs & Chilled
Eggs, x6 Free Range contains Eggs
Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese 350g none
>> Milk
Cravondale Whole Milk 1.3L (Fresh) contains Milk
Whole Milk 2L (Fresh) contains Milk
Semi Skimmed Milk 2L (Fresh) contains Milk
Cravendale semi skimmed milk none
>>> Alpro
Soya 1L (Alpro Milk) contains Soybeans
Oat (Alpro Milk) contains Gluten
Almond (Alpro Milk) contains Nuts
>> Butter, Spreads
Anchor Butter 250g contains Milk
Utterly Buttery 250g contains Milk
Flora Original Spread none
>> Cooked Meats
Bernard Matthews Turkey Ham none
Sliced Roast Beef contains Gluten
> Household
Antiviral Cleaning Spray none
Surf Tropical (10 washes) none
Surf Coconut Bliss (10 washes) none
Easy Double Bobble washing liquid none
Comfort Blue Skies (21 washes) none
> Food Cupboard
Filippo Berio Classic Olive Oil (500ml) none
Mighty Oats none
Stute Strawberry Jam (no added sugar) none
>> Biscuits and Crackers
Shortbread Biscuits contains Milk, contains Eggs, contains Gluten
>> Cereals
Kellogg's Cereal Variety Pack x8 185g contains Milk, contains Eggs, contains Gluten
>> Soups
Heinz tomato soup none
Heinz Vegetable none
Heinz Cream of Chicken Soup none
>> Cooking Ingredients
Black Ground Pepper 41g none
>> Canned Products
Foresight Pease Pudding none
Bat mushy peas none
Princes tuna chunks in spring water none
Princes tuna chunks in brine none
Heinz Baked Beans none
Branston Baked Bean none
Heinz Beef Ravioli (400g) none
>> Others
Bat cuppa soup tomato none
Bat pasta chicken & mushroom none
Bisto gravy granules none
> Bread
Kingsmill Loaf Bread contains Nuts, contains Milk, contains Eggs, contains Gluten
Finger Rolls contains Nuts, contains Milk, contains Eggs, contains Gluten
Kingsmill Everyday white medium Bread none
> Drinks
>> Coffee
Nescafe Gold 100g none
>> Tea Bags
PG Tips x40 none
Tetley x80 none
Yorkshire Tea x80 none
>> Juice
Apple Juice none
Orange Juice none
> Meat
Boneless Chicken Breast (250 g) none
Lamb chops x 2 none
Pork chops x 2 none
Braising steak none
Belly pork none
Pork steaks x 2 none
Mince beef (370g) none
Beef sausages (4 pack ) none
Chilli sausages ( 4 pack) none
Rump steak none
Whole Medium Chicken none
Roast Pork Joint (800g) none
Beef Joint (790g) none
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